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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lizards jumping ship?

Even a lizardoid knows a loser when he sees one. Take a look at these comments, unthinkable just a week ago:

"Bush seems like a beaten wife to me now." (Black George Bush)

"He sounds that way too." (cheesehead)

"Bush is a worn out leader... It is over... "(tfc3rid)

"Bush is done. I've given up on him. Time for conservatives to take the party over. The White House is inept." (Junior)

"Bush has surrendered." (J.Lichty)

"I’m listening to the press conference, Bush is really sounding like a complete moron. {:-( " (Da_Beerfreak)

"I said six months ago that Bush would be the ruin of the conservative movement as it currently stands" (Eric Cartman's Conscience)

"My wife has always said Bush is nothing but a yankee carpet bagger." (AMERICAN)

"Bush is really starting to look more and more like a sell out." (galloping granny)

"Whatever support I had for Bush and the rest of these fools just went down the toilet." (SouthernFriedChickenHawk)

"Bush's performance today was nothing short of abject surrender" (Spiny Norman)

"P.S. Jeb Bush, don't even think of running for President." (Asylum Aleikum)

And to cap it all, Charles too has started insulting the commander-in-chief as "a clown, probably with deep psychological issues around male parental figures".

This, more than the elections themselves, signals the end of the Bush era. Even the die-hards have had enough. Question now is, who are they going to turn to? Who can be their saviour in this dark hour?

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

Lol! I love the screen names of the vocal whiners.
It sorta takes away all the seriousness out the dark, miserable, victim-wallowing moods of the posters.

I should be gloating in their defeat, but all I feel is a sense of loss and waste that the last 6 years have brought to the world.

All I'm thinking is 'How did it get so far and how did everyone let it all get so fucked up?'