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Sunday, November 12, 2006

CJ: Stating the bleeding obvious

For some reason that eludes us, Charles Johnson has been making a lot lately of the fact that people in Muslim countries were happy that Bush's Republicans lost the midterm elections.

Well here's news for you Charlie: More than fifty percent of America and probably an even greater proportion of the rest of the world was happy too. In case you hadn't noticed, it was Bush's party who launched two offensives wars, snatched innocents of the streets of European cities, made Big Brother a cabinet member in all our governments and refused to act on pressing issues such as climate change until just recently.

Why the fuck shouldn't we celebrate? Hell, saying you can't celebrate a Bush defeat is like saying you can't be happy about the fall of the Iron Curtain. Only a truly twisted mind could not recognize that these are good things.

Similarly, what's with the surprise about Arab countries' anger at the US veto of the SC condemnation of Israel's attack in Gaza? Do you expect Arab countries to be happy about the murder of 18 innocents in their sleep? What kind of perverted lunatic are you?


Anonymous said...

The point Charles is making is that TERRORISTS - yes, terrorists, not simply random peaceful Muslims; read the full story - are glad Democrats were elected, you vulgar little dweeb. That should give anyone else that voted Democrat pause. In fact, top Dems have responded with various press releases about this situation, so it's hardly something LGF made up. What is wrong with you anyway? Where is the mental disconnect in your mind that could possibly lead you to subtitle your pathetic excuse for a blog "Keeping an eye on those rabid racists at Little Green Footballs?" Ah, "racist" - the liberal's favorite all-purpose insult.. What a tool.

MJ said...

On hearing that a Muslim had been elected as a congressman Charles responded 'they'll be celebrating in Gaza' mention of terrorists

Before coming here to insult LGFW maybe you could read LGF a little better.