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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spot the wanker

In the true spirit of freedom and democracy....

They’ll be celebrating in Gaza tomorrow.
Charles Johnson on hearing that a Muslim American has become a congressman.
Since the Israeli "redeployment" from Gaza on August 20, 2005, Israeli
occupation troops killed 694 Palestinians and wounded four thousand.
Something tells me the people of Gaza have very little to celebrate.


Something tells me the people burying these innocent women and children won't give a damn about the US midterms and certainly won't be celebrating anything.
Israel Defense Forces artillery shells struck a residential area in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanun early Wednesday, killing at least 19 Palestinians and wounding dozens of others.

Ten children and seven women were among the dead, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, adding that 18 of the victims were members of the Athamna family.

Khaled Radi, a Palestinian Health Ministry official, said all of those killed were civilians. According to witnesses, the victims were sleeping when the 15-minute barrage of shells first hit. Radi also said at least 40 people were wounded, all civilians.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed regret for the deaths, saying that Israel did not set out to harm innocent civilians.

The IDF confirmed that an artillery battery containing 12 shells had aimed at a site from where Qassam rockets were fired at the southern city Ashkelon on Tuesday. The artillery fire had been intended for a location about half a kilometer from the Beit Hanun houses.
Source: Haaretz


And today we have a rash of reports from the Middle East showing that my “bigoted, racist” prediction was right on the money. The Arab Street is greatly pleased with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and so are their despotic rulers and jihad-enabling media
Charles is now saying 'I was right!' although obviousy he isn't. "They'll be celebrating in Gaza tomorrow" isn't the same as "The Arab world will welcome a change of government in the US is it?" and anyway you made the comment in response to a Muslim becoming a senator not the appointment of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. You're still a shrill racist bigot Charles and considering the carnage the Israelis carried out in Gaza recently (that you're still to mention or justify) your comment will haunt you.

And what gives Charles? You were complaining the Arab media wasn't covering the US midterms, now you're complaining they are? Jeez, make your mind up!


cokane said...

that whole thread is rife with bigotry and would be good to mine for use in your site. I think a choice sampling of 20 of the most virulent remarks would make a noteworthy post.

Nuclear Cop said...

I thought it was telling that Charles complained about Al Jazeera featuring "a big picture of dead, mutilated children at the top of that page" rather than news about the US elections. They were only Arab children, and victims of an Israeli strike at that. Just where are Al Jazeera's news values!