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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An inconvenient truth

The United States has now been at war in Iraq longer than it was at war against Hitler during World War II. Fact.

This is obviously what George W Bush meant when he said "mission accomplished":

PS: Charles recently linked approvingly to a 'satire' about World War II, in which the 'absurd' suggestion is made that a press such as America has today would have "criticized us for going to war with two nations that had never attacked us, Germany and Italy."

In fact, anyone with a bit of historical knowledge (i.e. not Charles) would know that the US did just that during World War II: it happily waited for Japan and Germany to make the first move against it before entering the war.

Why? Perhaps it had something to do with the US (and George W Bush's grandaddy) having plenty of financial interests in Nazi Germany...

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