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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lizards hatch a murderous plan

Our good friend SK has been lurking in the lizard den recently and sent us the following dispatch, along with the question: "what exactly is Charles hosting here? "Iron Fist" who has identified himself (on LGF) as Steve Johnson, a felon from Knoxville TN, has often posted threats of violence on LGF. Seems to be fine with Charles. But really, look at this, posted today: (and note that these people have had weapons and explosives "meetups" organized through LGF)."

A good point. Read on...

reaganite 10/24/2005 05:33PM PDT
#9 Iron Fist

But, hey, it's not "One Nation Under G-d". One Caliphate under Allah is perfectly acceptible to the Anti-Christ Liberation Union.
How can people be so stupid?

#15 Iron Fist 10/24/2005 05:34PM PDT
And, more seriously, you see which comes first if you read their pledge. America comes second.

I will grant them this: they beat the L³eft. I honestly don't believe that America enters into the equation where the L³eft swears their allegiance.

#27 Iron Fist 10/24/2005 05:42PM PDT
#14 reaganite,

Breathing is handled by the autonomic nervous system. No thinking required.


I really believe that they see exactly what they are dealing with. Both the Muslims and the L³eftists think that those on the other side are useful idiots to be disposed of once people like thee and me are out of the way.

It could work. But if it does, I expect the Muslims to win. The L³eft will have a happy-happy, joy-joy moment where they cheer the downfall of the United States, and the Islamofascists will kill them.

For myself, if they win, well, I'll be dead. I have no intention of dying just yet. When given the choice between my death and the death of my enemy, I'll take the latter.

There's a time and place for everything. I'm just scoping out the time and place.

#37 Havoc 10/24/2005 05:48PM PDT
#27 Iron Fist

Give me a call when you get situated.

I'm keeping a "little Black Book" of "friendlies", Cached supplies and amm_ er .... ah .... I mean stuff to trade for.. yeah that's it...

When Havoc Jr. #2 finally has his fill of the Big Apple and wants to wend his way home. Thinking of sending him his 16 guage, and his 7mm Remington Mag and a case of shells out around Christmas.

#56 Iron Fist 10/24/2005 06:07PM PDT
#37 Havoc,

I don't know if you've been told, but I'm going to be in your general neighborhood at Thanksgiving. We should talk.

Email me or call me.

At the end of the day, we the people are responsible for this Republic. If our elected representatives fall down on the job, we have no choice but to step up.

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