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Monday, October 10, 2005

Feel the love

Courtesy of our regular reader SK, we bring you some Lizard quotes on the recent death of tens of thousands of people in South Asia:

#50 Leper 10/9/2005 04:48PM PDT

The Muslims just had a 7.8 Ramadan celebration from Mother Earth. Hopefully they'll have an 8.5 soon.
#54 whiterasta 10/9/2005 04:50PM PDT


Just being a member of the muslim death cult means one has diminished mental abilities.

I truly believe that islam is a manifestation of mental illness.
#19 Pitiricus 10/8/2005 02:37PM PDT

Sam I am:

this is why in this case I won't contribute a penny to relief efforts.

Or if I can only have it sent to India...

I won't help the ROP in any way I can!

And if this makes me a bad person, so be it!
#60 El Gringo 10/8/2005 04:13PM PDT

Casualties would have been fewer if we'd invaded their country and converted them all to Christianity.

71 trigger girlie 10/8/2005 06:16PM PDT

Let's see, how much money should I send to the people who want my country annihilated and my people dead?...Oh, wait, NONE!
Call me cold hearted, they are not getting my money. Unfortunately, I have to work with Pakis on a daily basis, and there's nothing good about them.

4 Gringo 10/8/2005 06:39PM PDT

Muslims! Hear me!
Your Allah sent Katrina to punish the our God has sent this earthquake, one of other diasters to come, as punishment for your interference with His believers!
You didn't learn with the tsunami, maybe you'll learn now...

#75 Jakester 10/8/2005 06:45PM PDT

couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of folks
#77 alkmyst 10/8/2005 07:19PM PDT

I don't feel bad in the slightest for the girls in that school. I'm 100% sure they're in a better place now that they won't be raped and honor-killed. (possibly any more)

As for the paki soldiers:

Boo F'n hoo.

The good people of New Delhi and other non-islam parts of India are well-needing help, though, and I would be proud if Israel offered them even half as much as we're giving to the paleos.

#82 amyc 10/8/2005 08:03PM PDT

It's a terrible tragedy except for any girls who were saved undergoing the savagery of FGM, and then being married off to some bastard who would basically rape her every time he felt the urge for the rest of her life.

Read enough? Well, thankfully some people at LGF have seen the light now too:
#116 Claudius 10/9/2005 10:41AM PDT

You guys are disgusting.

/probably never coming back here again

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