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Friday, October 07, 2005

I come not to praise Charles Johnson but to pity him

Picked this up from Sadly No, it hits the nail on the head. This is what's going on at LGF. This is 'astoundingly', 'outrageously', 'unbelievably' good. (snigger)

Charles Johnson is not a very good blogger. People dont visit his site to read his witty or insightful comments about current events because um....well he has none. He has no analytical ability to speak of.If he had any he would have used it by now. He cuts and pastes large swathes of other peoples creative work and then adds superlatives like 'astoundingly', 'outrageously', 'unbelievably' etc.

(TunnelvisionChuckie has no insightful comments, but his inciteful comments he sells wholesale, Heh)

His large traffic comes from LGFers revisiting the forum to see if anyone has replied to their latest inane comment post about banging Michael Moores head in with a cluestick or grotesque Rachel Corrie and Cindy Sheehan jokes.

Its a slow motion chatroom with a single topic. If it were available on Yahoo! it would be the 'anti-Muslim' room. (Invitation only of course)..

His descent into wingnuttery is lasting so long because he hangs around with complete strangers who are hysterical, naive outcasts who encourage that mindset.
Comment by i come not to praise charles johnson but to pity him

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