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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Charles Speak

When is black white and white black? When it suits Charles 'Icarus' Johnson, lizard king and purveyor of finely twisted logic.

Exhibit A: 'The EU Wants to "Oversee" the Internet' (

The European Union, helpless to deal with Iran’s nuclear scheming, has lots of time to think about taking control of the Internet: EU Wants Shared Control of Internet. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

1) did you fail to notice the recent IAEA resolution, and who it was sponsored by, Charles?

2) what has the Internet got to do with Iran's nuclear aspirations?

3) the EU's efforts are not designed to 'take control of the Internet', they are an attempt to prevent the USA from exerting monopoly control over it by either getting a world body (ie the UN) to oversee the Net, or at least give individual countries or country-blocs (like the EU) a measure of influence equal to that of the US.

It's called Democracy and Fairness, you stupid lizard.

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