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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Earthquake in South Asia

Over 20,000 people are feared dead in an earthquake that hit parts of Paskistan, India and Afghanistan on Saturday morning. As yet the full extent of the damage is unknown, but as communication is restored to rural areas it is expected the destruction will turn out to be massive. Like with Hurricane Katrina, now is the time for the world to act and send what help it can to those affected. Unlike with Katrina, it probably won't.

Leading the pack of those who don't really care about 20,000 backward Muslims dying is a certain Mr C Johnson of California, USA. So far, he has posted ONE item about the quake. It will be interesting to compare and contrast his reaction to Katrina and to the earthquake over the coming days.

Perhaps people would pay more attention to earthquakes if they had names, just like hurricanes do. I put forward a suggestion for Saturday's tremblor: let's call it Charles.

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