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Sunday, October 02, 2005

"I'm not a Nazi, you liberal fags" - LGF's awe-inspiring intellect speaks

This is a classic.

#26 The Drizzle 10/2/2005 12:42AM PDT
I went to the website charles linked to, and did you know all of those guys are smarter then us? It says so right there on their site. Also, Bob munck was there crying because somebody made fun of his name. I 'll bet he feels better now that a bunch of liberal fags have kissed his ass. Explain to me how WE'RE nazis, but we generally support Israel, and they do not. Hating jews is what made a nazi a nazi. Yet, we are the stupid ones. Whatever. Also, Bob Munck: you suck. And your name sucks.
How much stupidity can ooze from a single paragraph? You'd be hard pressed finding a dumber comment. It's as if he's saying "How can I be a Nazi? I've eaten bagels and drunk manischewitz wine! I even talk to Jews on the net."

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