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Monday, June 13, 2005

What passes for argument on LGF

It's always fun seeing what the lizards have to say about you, and the latest outburst from a minion called Powderfinger is well worth a read if you're looking for a good laugh. [NB: He's having an argument with another LGF reader, Dave]

"There's only one view you're going to get at LGF Watch, and that is that Charles is evil, stupid, incompetant and a "rabid racist". [So far, so good - X] Also, that everyone who reads/posts here is the same or worse. [hmmm, more or less, yes]

If you feel that you have some use for such alternative views, let me give you fair warning that wading into the comments to take sides with those cowardly little America-hating, Euro ankle-biters will earn you a cyber punch in the mouth from yours truly [oooh, getting frisky are we?]. As I mentioned ther over the weekend, I really don't give a damn what you say, do or think [Ah, he's clearly the open-minded type]. I care even less what you think of me [oh but you do, otherwise you wouldn't be throwing a tantrum].

I do think that you've got something of a conflict of interest [...because you're either for us, or against us...]. There's but one reason for that site to exist, which is to shit on this one. You like that dump? You think there's useful information to be found there? I'll see you over there. I'll be the guy landing on you like a ton of bricks. [come on over, fatso, we really need your incisive intellect over here :-]


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