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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Official: Loony Lizard Leader can't read!

Charles Johnson puts his foot in it again today by posting the 'news' (and we all know what that word means on LGF) that: "Hatemongering British MP George Galloway’s election may be in dispute, as allegations of vote fraud surface" (

If CJ had bothered to read the Scotsman article he links to, he would have learned that the allegations of voter fraud are not made against Galloway but by Galloway. Thus, if they prove to be true, the election result would not be overturned but confirmed with a greater majority for Galloway.

Sure, this must be quite hard for cold-blooded reptiles like Charles to comprehend, but someone should have the decency to take him aside for a quiet talk and point out his mistake.

P.S.: Hark back to the days when Johnson got into a tizzy about transatlantic vote meddling: Read and learn from a true hypocrit.

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