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Thursday, June 02, 2005

LGF comments to be turned off?

There are all kinds of rumours circulating about Charles 'Icarus' Johnson's new venture, Pajamamedia, and what effect it will have on LGF. One of the most persistant is that the Johnson will close the comment section of his blog because it turns mainstream advertisers off: they don't want to be associated with openly racist opinions. The modus operandi suggested is that the lizard king will offer to create a new, separate weblog for his loyal minions and slowly spin it off from Little Green Footballs, so that he can then present himself as a clean, objective commentator on world affairs.

This, of course, would be suicide. CJ is not known for his insightful commentary. He merely reposts bits of mainstream news that seem to support his worldview that Muslims are taking over and Islamic terrorism is the global enemy #1. Big deal: lots of people do that. The main reason why he is so popular is because every Islamophobia nutcase finds not only there spiritual home on LGF but they can actually join the conversation and discuss 'world affairs' through the proxy-Chukies Ironfist, Rayra, Bigel and co.

Without the comments the lizard island is empty. It's dead. If CJ takes this course his website will be finished: not something we would mourn, but definitely a significant juncture in blogosphere history.

Let's see what happens...

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