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Monday, June 27, 2005

Still think it was such a good idea?

Iraq roundup:

- At least four Marines -- including three women -- were killed in an attack on a US military convoy in the 'liberated' Iraqi city of Falluja. Of the 13 Marines wounded, 11 were female. (CNN)

- "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday it could take as long as 12 years to defeat the insurgency in Iraq, but he said it will be up to Iraqi forces to do the job." Seattle Times

- "The war in Iraq is creating a new breed of Islamic jihadists who could go on to destabilise other countries, according to a CIA report. The CIA believes Iraq to be potentially worse than Afghanistan, which produced thousands of jihadists in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of the recruits to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida had fought in Afghanistan." (Guardian)

- "The U.S. military has confirmed to FOX News that an Apache helicopter (search) was shot down near Taji, Iraq. A smoke trail was seen before it slammed into the ground, killing the pilot, gunner and both passengers aboard." (Fox News)

- "A SUICIDE bomber who had hidden his explosives in a pick-up truck full of watermelons killed at least 15 people yesterday when he blew up a police station in Mosul. The dawn blast partly demolished the police station and killed 13 officers. Police said they did not suspect the truck because there was a market near by. Two hours later, another bomber blew himself up outside an Iraqi army base on the edge of the city killing sixteen people and wounding seven. Five police also died when a suicide bomber walked into a guardroom outside a hospital.

- "In Baghdad, a US soldier was killed by a roadside bomb, and a mortar round hit a house, killing a woman and two children. In east Baghdad, gunmen killed a police colonel in his home."(Times Online)

(Hat Tip BD for the last two)

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