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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ooops, he did it again

Cyber sleuth Charles 'Icarus' Johnson flew a little too close to the Sun yesterday with his breathless revelation that a man arrested in Mexico was a 'Baja Jihadi'. (

Red-faced Johnson was later forced to admit that he'd published yet another piece of weblog junk when it transpired that Amer Haykel, the man in question, was in fact a tourist whom U.S. authorities had recently cleared from suspicion of terrorist involvement but forgotten to take off a terrorism suspect blacklist.

Said Johnson: "I take full responsibility for this mistake and apologize unreservedly for dragging Mr Haykel's name through the dirt. I hope he isn't angry at me and doesn't come round to slash my nice new set of Freedom Tyres (formerly Peugeot Tyres) that I bought when I cashed in my check from Mr Muscle's Fitness Program, the premier advertiser on my weblog."

Mr Muscle is 67.

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