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Monday, June 20, 2005

Michael Smiths we have known

Charles Johnson posts a howler that even we didn't think he would be capable of:

"Is British reporter Michael Smith, who broke the Downing Street memo story (after re-typing and destroying the originals), the same Michael Smith who was hired by Mary Mapes as a CBS assistant producer in the Rathergate scandal? (

...he asks on the front page of his so-called 'News' website, and links to one of his pyjama-wearing friends, Scylla & Charybdis.

Now may the almighty strike us down if we're wrong, but the fact that a person called Michael Smith was in the pay of CBS around the time their Bush memos were proved to be forgeries, and another Michael Smith received leaked documents from British cabinet meetings ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC, does not make them the same person, however much the lizards would like this to be the case.

After all, what about Michael Smith The Irish Writer? Or Michael Smith the Canadian Science Journalist? Or Michael Smith, the Managing Director of the Northwestern University's Media Research and Education Center? Or Michael Smith the Polargeek?

Could it be that Charles Johnson, in his zealous mission to discredit anything that might harm the Bush administration, is getting a little carried away by a common name featuring in both cases? Or could all these Michael Smiths be one and the same person? I think we should be told!

PS: We are beginning to suspect that Charles Johnson has been cunningly hiding the fact that he is actually a novelist, short story writer, essayist, and cartoonist, a professional baseball player, a lawyer, a professor of mathematics, a mandolin fan, and the president of the Flat Earth Society.

Charles Johnson, you can't fool us. We have Google!

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