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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

LGF Stalkers

Charles is upset this week, because he's finally realise that while he can kick anyone he doesn't like the look of off his own site (bar the odd pet 'liberal' to poke fun at), his powers of censorship don't extend to the rest of the Internet. In fact, you can be pretty sure that. wherever the name Charles Johnson is mentioned, there'll be someone with a story of racist hatred and bigotry to tell about him.

So too on the weblog of mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, CA. Granted, there are some comments about LGF on there that might be described as uncouth, but is CJ really in a position to complain about the 'vitriol' directed at him and his lizard friends? Take a look, for example, at the first three comments on the LGF thread about the mayor's blog:

#1 BabbaZee 2/27/2005 08:12AM PST

The name registered to my address by this obsessed anonymous cyber-stalker: ?I Spit On Vets.?

It's John F'in Kerry?

#2 munchkin 2/27/2005 08:14AM PST

I guess that means he spits on John Kerry, right? Since we all know what a distinguished vietnam vet that one was...*rolls eyes*

#3 Ferris Bueller 2/27/2005 08:16AM PST

Signing you up for a discussion forum under an obnoxious nic? I see the left is still up to their usual mature level of intellectual discourse. What's next, for them, peeing in your sandbox?

So, Charles, quit moaning about 'stalkers'. You and your minions have made the stalking of others your life's mission: take Ward Churchill, take Dan Rather, take Eason Jordan, take Maurice Hinchey...need we go on? LGF is the Internet equivalent of the drunken village mob, tracking down individuals and persecuting them on the basis of half-truths and distortions. To complain of being 'stalked' may fit Charles's paranoid mindset (journalists we have spoken to regularly describe him as curiously anxious and jittery), but it bears little relation to LGF's relationship with the rest of the blogosphere.

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