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Monday, March 14, 2005

Absolute nonsense

Charles doesn't like to be criticized (in case you hadn't noticed) and he certainly doesn't like being criticized by the mainstream media. In a post with the title 'MSM Election Coverage: Incredibly Biased' (, he holds forth about the integrity of LGF:

Before any possibly controversial stories are posted here, the facts are carefully checked. The responses from fellow bloggers and readers serve to catch those instances when the first line of fact-checking misses something, or is mistaken. The idea that blogs “publish anything” without regard for factual truth is a smear, pure and simple, coming from an organization that feels threatened by something it can’t understand.

Well, let's see, there's the time when Charles tripped over Giuliana Sgrena's car, when he made up a quote, when he helped distort the Dean Scream, when he made up 'facts' about the British education system, when he purposefully misquoted Ted Turner, when he held back some pertinent background information on a student whose story of college anguish he was promoting, when he....need we go on?

It's plain and simple: Charles Johnson is a liar and a fantasist. His weblog hardly meets the standards of blogging, let alone gutter journalism. His bias is so obvious a three-year old could recognise it. And this guy moans about the 'MSM' criticizing blogs for not being rigorous enough with their facts? Give the world a break, Charles.

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