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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

LGF hate figure: Danny Schechter

Charlie has a new enemy: "vituperative far-left wacko" Danny Schechter ( Why? Because Schechter has asked some questions about the Sgrena story that CJ doesn't like. So what's Schechter's response to the lizard onslaught? To go into hiding? To take back everything he said? Nothing of the sort:

I was attacked for showing "solidarity with the communist anti-war Italian left: Was Giuliana Sgrena Targeted?" Actually my blog is titled differently. Quite differently I asked: "Why Was Giuliana Targeted -- Or Was She?" The words "Or was she" conveniently buried in the smear. The article nominally about me then slides into an attack on Democratic Underground of which I am not a member. No matter.

Spot on, Danny. Charles Johnson has never cared for accuracy or truth when it doesn't suit his agenda. The more people pointing that out, the better.

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