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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How the lizard mind works

Newsflash: the Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia is found with a gunshot wound to his head. Here's how LGF regulars reacted to the news:

#127 Mike C. 3/30/2005 03:10AM PST

The Isreali ambassador to Ethiopia is in critical condition after being shot by an unknown gunman in that shithole of a country.

#129 manker 3/30/2005 03:13AM PST

127 Mike C.

Is it really any stretch to guess who shot him?

#133 zonekeeper 3/30/2005 03:31AM PST

127, where did you see that? I don't see a mention on Foxnews...?

#153 Mike C. 3/30/2005 04:39AM PST

In a shithole like Ethiopia ? Yeah, it IS a question. Could have been probably any random person selected from 2/3rds of the freaking population, for any one of a thousand reasons. These are not nicely-behaved people, in large part.

Interesting, isn't it? Now let's see what the Israeli Foreign ministry has to say (as quoted in Ha'aretz): "Shooting appeared to be a suicide attempt"

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