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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sorry is the hardest word

Portland lawyer Brendan Mayfield has been released after the FBI admitted mismatching his fingerprints to those found on items connected to the Madrid train bombings. See here (Thanks to Nate Dogg for the tip)

Now let us remind ourselves ourselves of some of the things Charles's minions said about Mayfield at the time of his release (all

"He's a Muslim,therefore he is bound by his "religion" to lie to us.Never trust him for a moment." (mbruce)
"Why would they arrest him if they didn't have his finger prints? He's guilty. He should fry." (Modern Crusader)
"We are sorry he converted to the most vile cult known to man. We are sorry his friends are terrorists.We are sorry his wife is the poster girl for the burka. Sorry. He was was OJ." (Karly)

Wondering whether Mr Mayfield will get a personal apology from Charles for insinuating that he was a terrorist accomplice...

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