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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

IDF kills, Charles worries about grammar

Since Monday night Israeli helicopters have been firing at Palestinians in Rafah, a Gaza Strip refugee camp. IDF soldiers have been conducting door-to-door searches for Palestinian gunmen, and homes are being torn down by Israeli bulldozers.

So far, thirteen people have been killed. The BBC describes one attack:

"The raid began at dawn with a missile from a helicopter fired at a group of gunmen outside a mosque in Tel Sultan, killing three of them.

"Two more missiles were fired, killing three more people who rushed to help and leaving the mosque in flames.

"In a later air strike, four Palestinians were killed, all civilians, according to hospital officials quoted by Associated Press.

"Six Palestinians, at least one of them a gunman, were also reportedly killed in street fighting.

"Witnesses said tanks and bulldozers dug a trench to separate Tel Sultan from the rest of the camp and demolished at least four houses.

"About 20 people were wounded in the air attacks, and Palestinian security sources told AP that two ambulances had come under fire from Israeli snipers, one of which was hit by three bullets.

"Trapped residents were reported to be huddling in the most protective rooms of their homes as bullets rained outside. Others tried to flee the area."

Meanwhile, the only thing Charles Johnson has to say about the killings is "Count the grammatical problems and win a prize" - a reference to a Reuters report that he apparently doesn't think is well written ( Charles, what's more pressing: the killing of people in refugee camps or your sense of grammatical correctness?

UPDATE: for more on the way Israel is terrorising the Palestinians, see Chris McGreal's report from Rafah.

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