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Monday, May 24, 2004

Madonna threatened by Palis?

Charles J is flagging up a story about how pop singer 'Madonna' has pulled out of a concert in Israel because of death threats against her and her children from "an unnamed Palestinian group" ( Apparently the threats were believable because they contained "intimate details" about the children.

Now let's get this straight: "an unnamed Palestinian group" thinks Madonna is a threat to the future of Palestine? "An unnamed Palestinian group" thinks that killing Madonna or her kids is going to help the Palestinian cause? "An unnamed Palestinian group" spends its time scouting around for "intimate information" about her kids in order to make its death-threat letter more belieavable? Not fucking likely, as Vinnie Jones would say.

Charlie's source is, of course, the ever-reliable Sun newspaper. But even the Sun prints the following denial from Madonna's management (plus inevitable unattributed counter-denial), which the Lizard Overlord conveniently fails to reproduce:

"Madonna’s people last night insisted the Israel leg of her Re-Invention tour has been cancelled because the singer wants to concentrate on Europe. But insiders say nothing except this security alert would have stopped her travelling to Tel Aviv."

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