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Monday, May 03, 2004

Daily Kos goes Lizard-hunting

Daily Kos user 'Marshall' has taken a closer look at some of the comments on this LGF thread and found that, actually, LGFers are all perfectly reasonable, articulate, peaceful people. Not.

Take this comment for example:

"I would have destroyed Fallujah block by block, pausing after each rubblized block to demand unconditional surrender.And I would film it and put it on the 24 hour news stations in real time. Getting these jihadis on tape begging for mercy would do the world good. We have to 'reach' the fanatic soldiers. Once we break through to the brainwashed foot soldiers, it will be game over for all the other brainwashed soldiers. Just look at the effect of seeing Yassin in a wheel barrow of body parts with his head blown off, and a hacked up dead Rantissi layed out on a slab has done for the palestinian jihadis. This is all they understand. They exist in a realm barely imaginable."

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