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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Not Torture?

The Denver Post reports that a number of Iraq prisoners were tortured to death in US captivity:

"The deaths include the killing in November of a high-level Iraqi general who was shoved into a sleeping bag and suffocated, according to the Pentagon report. The documents contradict an earlier Defense Department statement that said the general died "of natural causes" during an interrogation. Pentagon officials declined to comment on the new disclosure. Another Iraqi military officer, records show, was asphyxiated after being gagged, his hands tied to the top of his cell door. Another detainee died "while undergoing stress technique interrogation," involving smothering and "chest compressions," according to the documents."
(Hat Tip: Empire Notes)

Meanwhile, InformationClearingHouse has pictures of US soldiers posing for pictures over the body of a dead Iraqi:

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