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Friday, May 07, 2004

LGF: Jumping to conclusions

One story that illustrates the way in which Little Green Footballs posters jump to premature conclusions, thanks to their pathological prejudices, is that of the ten men arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist acts in Manchester, UK, in mid April. At the time, the story was reported under the heading 'Got 10 in Manchester' by Charles Johnson ( Although Charles wisely refrained from commenting beyond the headline (implying as it does 'their' guilt and that 'they' belong to 'those terrorists'), his minions didn't hold back:

"so anyone wanna guess the religion of these thugs?" (bull)

"If they are Kurds, then it means Ansar al-Islam, an AQ affiliate. Oh Joy." (FH)

"Good job on this catch though. Can't wait for the BBC and Guardian to begin screeching about how deplorable it is these men are being detained and questioned." (Model4)

"Now convict and hang the terrorist savages ASAP." (Just the Facts)

"theses muzzies ought to be tried convicted and marched into the man u stadium at halftime in a match with arsenal so some brit ubber testoterone could go to work on them--i'm thinking of shaving my head and wearing my dr. martin's in anticipation" (HULUGU)

"The jihadis would do well to leave Britain tonight, when this hits the newstands tommorow things will get bloody for the al muhariroun vermin." (OverWatch)

Now that the ten men have all been released without charge we are unlikely to hear any more about the story on LGF. One of the men is demanding a police apology. His religion, in case you were still wondering, is: none.

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