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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Charles Johnson is a travelled man

Having received a nasty comment from "a European", Lizard King Charles has decided to set the record straight by painting red all the countries he has been to on a little world map ( An impressive show of red, though unfortunately it tells us little of where in those countries he was and what he did there. For all we know, Charles may have spent his time in Thailand checking out Bangkok brothels. But that is his problem.

Far more interesting is the fact that the well-travelled, culturally-circumspect readers of LGF have such nice things to say about people they have never met. Let's see, Europeans are:

"f@#$wad euros" (#3)

"EUnuchs" (#23)

"amazing creatures" and have "inbred media" (#25)

"Europaeons" and "EU wimp" (#27)

"Zeropeans" (#31)

"Euroweenies" (#37)

"Eurotards (mostly French)" (#68)

...the list goes on. Charming people.

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