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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Charles Johnson hypocrit watch

Charlie J is on the loose again! Expect rampant hypocrisy and ludicrous logic. Today, the man they call the Lizard King takes a swipe ( at Billmon over on Whiskey Bar for having had the temerity to ask whether the Falluja attack on four US mercenaries hadn't been all too predictable. He does not, as Charles falsely points out, say that America "deserved it" (but we have already come to know Charles as a man who tells such lies).

In an update to his outraged post, Charles takes offence at the fact that Billmon is deleting all LGF hate-spam comments from his blog "except the ones from his sycophants". Well, well, well. Is this the same Charles Johnson who deletes all comments he doesn't agree with from his weblog "except the ones from his sycophants" and a few selected bozos he can take the piss out of? Is this the same Charles Johnson who bans whole IP address ranges because the people posting comments from them aren't to Charles' liking? I think we should be told.

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