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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Religion and LGF

Charles Johnson delights in listing every instance of religious lunacy on his blog - as long as it's Muslim lunacy, that is. Christian and Jewish lunacy apparently doesn't exist. CJ would probably defend this by arguing that people of Christian and Jewish faith don't go round blowing themselves up for God (though they have been known to blow other people up and shift responsibility onto the almighty).

If there is one thing that his readers get drilled into them again and again it's that followers of Islam will blindly obey any command, however non-sensical. Unfortunate, then, that in one of the many posts in which Charles tries to identify himself with the victims of the Holocaust, he links to an article that describes how two Jews in 1941, with their lives crumbling around them, go to a rabbi for advice and, having received the advice, blindly follow it irrespective of whether the advice makes any sense ( As the article says:

"In the lowest depths of the Nazi hell, in a place of terror and savagery that most of us cannot fathom, here were human beings who refused to relinquish their faith — who refused even to violate a religious precept without first asking if it was allowed."
What, one wonders, would the rabbi have told them if they had lived in present-day Palestine?

Another interesting religious conundrum arises for Charles in the form of one of his sponsors, Bryan Coffman. Coffman, it seems, is a Dominionist, one of those who believe in bringing about an Old Testament order in America where women are stoned, 'magicians' are crucified, and gays are flogged. Nice sponsors ya got, Charlie boy.

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