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Monday, April 19, 2004

LGF: wishing for racial war

Once again a peek at the latest LGF front page reveals the thinking that drives Charles Johnson and his frothing friends into a frenzy in front of their little green computer screens every day:

- "The Arab Way of War", "The New Arab Way of War" - apparently you can now determine how someone will wage a war by finding out what race he is.

- An LGF death swarm (!) with no fewer than 850 posts responding to the joyous news of another extrajudicial assassination, among the most witty comments being this one:

"#664 Brian 4/17/2004 04:35PM PST
I hear that Rantisi is busy having anal sex with Rachel Corrie. He shouldn't find it that difficult falling into another pile of shit." (
Who exactly is wallowing in death here?

- And finally, a reminder from CJ to all his minions why we're fighting this war: 'COS OF ALL OUR DEAD' (! Which is kind of the flip side of the same coin that Jihad Inc is holding up to rally its support.

Will these goons never learn...?

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