Little Green Footballs

Monday, April 12, 2004


Just how much of a grasp Charles F Johnson has on current affairs is reflected in his take on the present situation in Fallujah, where 'Coalition Forces' and 'Insurgents' have been fighting each other mercilessly for the past few days: while Johnson acknowledges that there is fighting going on and that it is fairly fierce, he accuses anyone who dares to point out the heavy-handedness of US army tactics there of being on a, quote "Jihad" ( In particular, he believes that newswires like Reuters are engaged in a holy war against America, because he refuses to accept stories of US attacks against civilians, even in the face of overwhelming evidence from multiple sources that these attacks are occuring. Take 'Empire Notes, Jonathan Steele in the Guardian, and Sean Rayment in the Telegraph. The unanimous verdict is that, whatever you think of the Iraq situation as a whole, what the US is doing in Fallujah is wrong, and will harm them in the long term. But once CJ has placed his bets, he won't backtrack; and certainly not when his entire ideological house of cards is at stake.

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