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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

And on the idiocy goes

If further proof were needed that David Kaspar is an ostrich when it comes to judging the German media landscape, this would be it. You see, the journal Kaspar loves to hate most is Der Spiegel, a left-of-centre weekly that runs articles about Iraq, world politics and America which Kaspar doesn't like. In fact, he dislikes Der Spiegel so much that he has elevated all of their contributors (with the possible exception of Hendryk M Broder) to the status of 'Bush Haters' - something that is obviously very bad in Kaspar's book. And what is more, Der Spiegel reflects, according to Kaspar, the sorry state of German media, who like nothing better than to bash America while ignoring international terrorism - even tacitly supporting it.

It must come as some surprise, then, that Der Spiegel, that bastion of jihad-supporting liberals, currently has as its topic of the week the connections that Al Qaeda has to Germany and the terrorist danger this poses. Of course, to highlight the fact that Der Spiegel does take terrorism seriously and does write about jihadis in Germany would undermine Kaspar's whole venture. So he sticks his head in the sand an ignores it.

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