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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Charles Johnson: coming all over a corpse

Lizard king Charles Johnson is seemingly beyond himself with joy at the assassination of Sheikh Yassin ( - and wouldn't we all be if we had Johnson's jaded worldview.

More interesting than the ideological aspects of Johnson's character this reveals, though, is the fact that Johnson delights in pictures of a blown-up corpse, parading them round his website like a bloody hunting trophy. This is the attitude of a man in-love with death, at least when wreaked upon Palestinians in wheelchairs.

His followers display a similar taste for blood. However, in all their orgasmic joy over Yassin's death, not one of them seems to display any knowledge of who the man actually was, beyond describing him as the arch-terrorist and leader of a band of murderers. Herein lies the problem when dealing with LGFers and their consorts: their lust for blood is stronger than their desire to actually achieve resolutions to problems. They would rather blow someone up and have the attack come back to haunt them in a few years time, than to try and understand the roots of those attacks and prevent them from happening.

Well, LGFers, if you're tired of bloodshed, why not start your political education by finding out more about the man whose death you've just celebrate?,3604,1175833,00.html

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