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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Charles Johnson ignores Bush - bin Laden connection

How sweet: Mr J has found another reason for Americans not to vote for John Kerry. Apparently Kerry is married to this woman, Teresa Heinz, right? And she sits on the board of some funds, right? And the funds give money to charitable organisations and civil rights groups, right? And one of these groups is called the Tides group, right, and they once said that they were proud to support this other group that calls itself the Council on Amerian-Islamic Relations. And THEY once said that it wasn't proven that Osama bin Laden carried out all those terroist attacks that are attributed to him. So there you have it: Johnny supports bin Laden. Simple!

... or maybe not. For while Charles gets hung up on a rather tenuous link between the Democratic contender for US president and a fugitive Saudi terrorist (, he completely ignores some far more obvious links between the Bush family and bin Laden, and the links between the CIA and Al Qaeda. Why? Well, maybe they don't fit into his world view...

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