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Monday, March 15, 2004

Charles Johnson: no sympathy with victims of terror

On Sunday, three days after 200 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a massive bomb attack at three train stations in Madrid, LGF webmaster Charles F Johnson proclaimed the following: "If Spain votes for appeasement following the horrific train bombings, my sympathy for the country will come to an abrupt halt" ( By this one can assume that Johnson meant: if they vote for a socialist government, and if that government decides to pull its troops out of Iraq, then they will lose his sympathy.

Well, Spain voted in the socialist PSOE party and their leader, Jose Zapatero, has indeed announced that he will seek to end Spain's presence in Iraq. Hence, we can assume that Charles now no longer has any sympathy with the victims of the attack. Not that I expect it matters much to someone who has just lost their loved one whether or not some rabid Californian racist "has sympathy" for them. But it says a lot about Johnson's understanding of democracy (over 75% of the voting population cast its ballot) and about the way in which his allegiance falls only to those who experience tragedy and swear to take bloody revenge - rather than seek real solutions to the problem. Remember that next time some innocent gets killed: Charles only likes you if you vow to kill in return.

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