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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LGF twisting the facts, what's new?

Sometimes Charles Johnson's postings are so baffling that you have to wonder whether he is pursuing a political agenda or just plain dumb.

Take this one.

Europe has been overwhelmingly sympathetic to the terror suspects imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, so this seems like a very good idea.

France is pushing for European Union countries to take 60 of the detainees deemed innocent but at risk of torture in their home country, according to a report by the German magazine Der Spiegel that was picked up by Reuters.

Notice that the Europeans are only interested in the ones “deemed innocent.” Naturally.

Well duh! Imagine the Europeans wanting to let the Americans deal with the criminals they picked up. Crazy huh? And only accepting the ones that aren't going to end up in a US high security prison? Wow. It's hard to see how Charles finds that a difficult idea to comprehend.

Then there's this one.

Barack Obama’s first interview since his inauguration went to Al Arabiya, the virulently antisemitic Arab satellite network that regularly broadcasts support for jihad and militant Islam. This is an absolutely horrible precedent, and the implied weakness will surely encourage jihadists worldwide—no matter what Obama thinks he’s “communicating” to them.

This is the very same channel that allows Hamas rockets to be fired from their studio building in Gaza: Video: Al Arabiya Studio Used As Rocket Launching Site.

Anyone who follows the Middle East knows that Al Arabiya was actually launched as a progressive/liberal challenger to Al Jazeera. I mean, look at their presenters for chrissakes! They're the last people to throw their lot in with Hamas. And, if you view the video Charles links to the presenter certainly doesn't look like someone who would "allow" Hamas rockets to be fired from her studio building. Her reaction is one of incredulity and concern.

To misinterpret that isn't just stupid, it's got to be outright malice. And there you have the reason for these idiotic postings. They're the product of a man driven to smear the politics of progress and peace - however stupid it makes him look.

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Anonymous said...

Every Arabic media for Charles is JihadTv. I watched Al-Arabiya, I never seen encouragement to Jihad. in fact Al-Arabiya dared to challenge Islamists on many fronts, they reported news that Al-Jazeera didn't . and Al-Arabiya was victim of attacks and threats from Islamists,

if Al-Arabiya was pro-Jihad, why would they attack its HQ in Iraq and send threats to them?

On their site, there are a lot of anti-Jihad comments unlike Al-Jazeera Arabic forums.

however, even Al-Jazeera is not Jihad TV, they invited even ex-Muslims and they dared discussions that were taboos in the Arab world. also they have offices in Israel, and Israel never shut down their offices unlike some Arab countries.