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Monday, January 05, 2009

Hate Springs Eternal

For those who keep saying that LGF has "gone soft", from:

And some have said LGF had gotten too tame. Here's some fodder for the opposing view:

7 HoosierHoops 1/04/09 6:22:20 pm reply quote

She kind of looks Muslim to me..
/no slideshow

16 BignJames 1/04/09 6:23:24 pm reply quote

Why would any sane person...or government...allow these people into their country?
17 Iron Fist 1/04/09 6:23:33 pm reply quote

Death cultist worshipping death.
18 lifeofthemind 1/04/09 6:23:40 pm reply quote

You can not run or hide any longer you either submit or fight.
19 pegcity 1/04/09 6:23:45 pm reply quote

as far as im concerned this generation of muslim children is good as gone, she will be a wonderful punching bag for her future husband in 4 or 5 years from now

40 Wishing 1/04/09 6:26:41 pm reply quote

Do most mohammedan women carry dolls as props, or what?

58 Flying Dutchman 1/04/09 6:28:48 pm reply quote

This pics show that all those terrorists supporters are the same, no matter where they are in the world.

71 irongrampa 1/04/09 6:30:24 pm reply quote

I swear, people like that make a compelling case for genetic manipulation.

78 shanec99 1/04/09 6:31:08 pm reply quote

They are trying to say to the world that the Arabs living in the vicinity of Israel (I refuse to call them Palestinians) who danced in the streets and distributed candy while Americans burned to death and died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 are victims... and in a way they are.
They are perpetual victims:
They are victims of their own inability to chose enlightened leaders,
They are victims of their own murderous excesses,
They are victims of a warped, savage and blood thirsty philosophy,
and finally, they are victims of their own stupidity.

85 Outrider 1/04/09 6:31:49 pm reply quote

re: #65 jhrhv
my opinion is many are infiltrating the West to spread this poison. Everything I see, read, or hear points to that conclusion.

100 Wishing 1/04/09 6:35:36 pm reply quote

re: #97 Iron Fist

They all have one thing in common. They are Mohammedans.

Isnt that mohammedans? Little m? Must we capitulate even to that degree?

164 Opinionated 1/04/09 6:50:33 pm reply quote

Charles rightfully doesn't tolerate what could be labelled as calls for genocide.

But would I be out of line if I occasionally wished Israel was guilty of just 10% of which she is accused by these projecting savages.

I think just 10% would solve a whole lot of problems.

256 coldpizza 1/04/09 7:08:49 pm reply quote

Notice the difference in Humanity and good breading from the people in the link below.
I know my statement sounds like a racist, but I dont know what to think anymore regarding the Muslim Menace. These people make me want to fight! [Link:]

270 Maximu§ 1/04/09 7:13:04 pm reply quote

re: #33 yochanan

the stepford muslima looks like a convert

i expect jews to be attacked on the street over this

Yeah she does look like a convert and an ugly one at that. I once told my kids if they ever converted to Islam, I would beat the Allah out of them.

(cross-posted at Gates of Vienna Vs. LGF Vs. The World)

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