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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charles Says It Will Never Be Over, NEVER!!

Hat-tip to Jeppo for this one. I am posting only part of this here for brevity, the rest is at Gates of Vienna Vs. The World Vs. LGF:

Hat-tip to Jeppo on this one:

I'm really starting to think that they're fighting just for our benefit. Sphinx, is this all just to amuse us? Can't be....OK, readers might remember the call by Pamela Geller for Charles Johnson to be publicly flogged as well as the ensuing mayhem over this post at LGF. It appears that Pamela has a case of subjective outrage (actually it's a rather advanced case, this is merely one episode being pointed out by Charles here):

And speaking of bloggers who are pushing the fascist agenda, Pamela Geller posted something on Saturday, outraged about a sheikh who called for Geert Wilders to be “flogged.”

Remember, this is the woman who recently called for me to be “publicly flogged,” because I won’t sign up with the fascists she’s shilling for, particularly the Belgian Vlaams Belang.

And now, she has deleted the post about Geert Wilders, obviously realizing that it made her look like an addled hypocrite

Ooops, pardon me for missing the post at AS folks, back to Chuck now:

Here’s the Google cache of the page that’s no longer on her blog: Atlas Shrugs: New York Sheikh Khalid Yasin in speech in Holland: Wilders must be flogged.

Well, is it hate speech? Here’s Geller wishing the same fate upon me; should she be prosecuted?

Wow, how long did Charles mine Atlas Shrugs for any little bit he could call her on for the "flogging" comment? Speaking of comments, the lizards' obliging anti-Pamela comments are really quite amusing, though not as much as the caption contest in the post below;)

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