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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charles and Pamela Geller Are At it Again!


Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Geller Calls for Me to Be 'Publicly Flogged'

Blogosphere | Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 8:08:22 am PST

In yet another post praising the European neofascist group Vlaams Belang, Pamela Geller reveals that she wants me publicly flogged, and I’m fairly sure she’s serious.

Since this is coming from the shrieking lunatic who thinks Barack Obama is the love child of Malcolm X, I guess I should take it as a compliment. Stay as classy as you are, Pamela!

Comments are rather hilarious and still incoming. Run on over and take a look at the mayhem. And someone please tell me Pamela did this as a stunt for blog traffic. Please.


Anonymous said...

I remember there was a post by Charles praising her classiness, in which he posted her picture with "pink code", and Pam displaying the finger and in that post Charles praised her "beauty". Not long after, Charles dared to voice disagreement with her, and she obviously stuck that finger somewhere in or near Charles.

CJ hypocrite as always. but I hope they keep their infighting. they are like Jihadists they fight each other to compete for the most vile and extreme view.

I wonder if Pam is cool in affiliating with KKK and stormfront since they are also an "anti-Jihad" .

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Pam just stated on her blog that "any friend of Israel is her friend", so that's a big YES. That's a paraphrase. I do have the screen cap though.

Yep, this fight amuses me to no end.

Anonymous said...

"any friend of Israel is her friend"

except Charles and anyone who points out she hangs out with fascist sympathisers.

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Further smackdown of Charles by Pamela here.

Anonymous said...

My site has a lot of info about Fraulein Pammy, including her plan to live in a White Supremacist space colony. You can find all of my site's articles about her at (they are in reverse chronological order, the latest article is first.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a lot of information of the fraud, cyberstalker career liar, and terrorist supporter Mr. James Sutter. Anything he says is to be regarded with suspicion.

V said...

Anything? Really?

I checked the front page of his blog just now, and found, among other things (e.g. a "daily prayer," some articles about

- the Pope ordering a recently "un-excommunicated" Holocaust denier to recant

- President Obama signing an expansion of children's health benefits

- anti-Latino hate speech on U.S. airwaves

- a NYT article about the origins and true extent of the Holocaust

- an SPLC report detailing the white-supremacist roots of various anti-immigration groups

- a frighteningly insane right-wing blogger ( -- a friend of yours maybe?).

So which of these items should we be regarding with suspicion?

Anonymous said... is Sutter's venue for punishing personal enemies under the guise of fighting "hate." He interweaves articles "borrowed" from newswires that concern neo-Nazis and true racists with articles of his own attacking those who have nothing to do with either racism or violence (other than to openly condemn it).
Sutter has a history of making false reports. On September 17, 1990, Sutter pled guilty to making false accusations (on which another person was wrongfully arrested) and was sentenced to 60 days house detention and three years probation. Mr. Sutter also forged his own medical records hoping to get a lighter sentence following his guilty plea to one count of fraudulent use of credit cards, this stupid move resulted in a two-level enhancement for obstruction of justice
Sutter also claims that he is retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander when in fact the Navy kicked him out after eight months.

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Well he should head on over to my place. Looks like full on war with Spencer again.....LOL.