Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caption Contest


ChenZhen said...

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Anonymous said...

"This is the thumb I had up John Bolton's ass!"
"Like my big pink footballs?"

Anonymous said...

"We at LGF Watch are SO way more mature than those poopy heads at LGF!"

Badger3k said...

"who knew implants were green?"

arik's hamster said...

Hitchin' a ride

to LGF's Frisco meetup.

Perhaps to stroke a greasy ponytail in ardor

and bear the children of my blog daddy.


He was a no-show.

Got pawed by a lecherous & drunken jheka instead.

Oh my!

The beginning of the end of a (could have been) wonderful relationship.

Anonymous said...

Recipe to make a Hot Conservative:

(1) Wig
(1) Baseball Glove
(2) Breasts

Stack them in the order shown above and leave in the sun for 100 days.

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Oh this is so evil....but so much chaos.....I love it.

I've really never seen anyone else who tans that much. Seriously.

K said...

CNN debunks claims on the Zionist blogosphere (LGF, et al.) of Palestinians 'staging' footage.

Anonymous said...

Trannies hate too!