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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Second Coming

Exactly what I've been waiting for. Charles posted the opening stanza of the W.B. Yeats classic poem The Second Coming for an overnight thread and the results were predictably frightening:

47 spidly 11/07/08 11:28:44 pm reply quote 0

re: #9 Killgore Trout

The Second Coming
2nd verse.....

on that topic
my wife watched the messiah's acceptance speech and the crowd frightened her. They put visions of the "left behind" series in her head.
Yeah, I don't know why she read the books but then I haven't so,

102 wordwarp 11/07/08 11:50:46 pm reply quote 0

Charles -

I've been reading this site daily since probably 12/01 -- and this is the first time you've unleashed the Yeats.

Do you really think it's going to be that bad?

Does having Rahmbo in the White House make it any less likely that the center will not hold?

433 notutopia 11/08/08 3:13:36 am reply quote 0

We will NOT be the falcons prey! Because WE did not unleash Obama.
He is still tethered by his arrogance and fear of public opinion.
Lo, it would not be in his BEST interest to eat the hand that feeds him!
The Prey will become those that disallow the consideration of dissent.
Never, Never, Never, give in or give up!

Oh boy, I've been waiting for the dispensationalist take on this election to show up somewhere in Wingnuttia.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as how Johnson has been banning Christians from LGF at a steady pace for the last few months, I'm not sure I see how it's fitting to mock Christian beliefs about the Second Coming.

Johnson is no friend to Christians or social conservatives; he's been bashing both groups for weeks and weeks now.

Dan Coyle said...

What does Charles Johnson WANT?

Lex said...

Well he isn't banning "Left Behind" fans, and though that Yeats poem is usually quoted as a general sign of despair (especially that 1st stanza) and not of a literal Dispensationalist belief system, it was still just what I was waiting for. Had it not been for an "overnight thread" there would have surely been more comments like Sr. Trout's.

Besides Anon, I'm mocking no such beliefs merely the idea that Obama's victory should figure into them. I do love discussing the distinction between the pretibulationalist dispensationalist schools of thought and the quite opposite Roman Catholic beliefs however, so bring it up anytime;)