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Friday, November 07, 2008

Kindle without the Kindness

Reader SD writes:

I was busy reading the comments on lgf as any self respecting person would do after an Obama election victory when I came across this golden nugget of a comment in this post:
Cognito: 11/05/08 9:13:04 pm

Ha, I can't lie, Charles, it's hard for me to read this objectively knowing how the Amazon thing works a little bit. (And knowing that everyone I know who has tried the Kindle has thrown it through the nearest window within a month, and reached for a good old paper book).

But heck, man. If you can make even a few pennies off this, I'm absolutely behind you. I know how bad things are right now. It sucks.

I know you guys have called out mr. johnson's amazon revenue stream and here it becomes plainly obvious, Cognito brings up a very fair point, Johnsons reply 11/05/08 9:14:56 pm: "You know, you really are a creep."

How is he a creep for pointing out that a) Charles profits from advertising Amazon b) The product he's trying to sell for profit has a shoddy reputation at best.

Cognito responds again in his own defense:
"Didn't intend it to be creep at all, and I apologize if it came off that way.

I've got a weird thing about blogs and ads/editorial, etc., but that's mostly because I'm stuck on the old model.

No creepiness intended. But it's late, so who knows."

or more like attempts to suck up to the fuhrer.

Enter sharmuta: "That's really low- even for you."

So apparently this Cognito character has a history of not agreeing with the fuhrer, what a creep he was for pointing out johnson is profiting from the sale of dodgy products!


The Sphinx said...

On the same thread:


#94 Charles

"re: #87 Cognito

Charles, I'm thinking about your reaction, there, and it's bothering me.

Clearly I'm too worn out to post, I guess, because I don't think I'm a creep at all. I meant it to be a commiseration about universally diving ad revenue. I'll give myself a little time out to get a little perspective.

Later gators.

Good. It should bother you. I don't write posts like this to make money, and I'm offended by your smeary little implication that I did.


Can anyone explain why the linked URL to the Kindle page carries a reference to LGF? Or in this totally random plug of Blu Rays?

Aaand he got back to it again:


#117 Charles

re: #111 NomadOfNorad

At that, SD cards are plentiful and cheap. My digital camera uses them, my MP3 player uses them. I've got an extra one for my digital camera and might well pick up more if I see them on sale somewhere...

Did I mention SD cards are cheap? :D

Less than $5 for a 4G card:



Look Charles, if you want to review a device and earn a dime or two while you're at it, fine.. But don't act like such a ninny about it.

Anonymous said...

haha, that is hilarious.

Charles gets a lot of love from his supporters for working so hard, it's like they think he's running a charity. He probably makes quite a bit of money out of it.

I guess he has a messiah complex about himself...

ChenZhen said...


I think the reason why Cognito has managed to avoid the banning stick is exemplified in situations like that. When push comes to shove, even over something as trivial as this, one puts the spine back in the closet. Don't want to "offend" Charles, for wondering the methods and rationale behind the fact that he makes money off his site. 'Cause, ya know, its not like there's friggin ads all over the page or anything.

Anyway, I thouht I'd mention that I featured Cognito on my blog awhile back: Flame Warrior Profile: Cognito

ChenZhen said...

oops, wrong link. here it is

ChenZhen said...

Update: cognito got banned :(

here, starting at #703

Anonymous said...

Charles is a Coward and the creep in this situation. He banned me for disagreeing with him. he has started to lose it big time.