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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dude, where's my self respect?

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Charles Johnson:

We do have some LGF readers who are creationists, so we would be remiss if we didn’t bring to your attention a chance to win a prize of 100,000 new Turkish lira (about $63,191.14 US at current exchange rates), in a scientific essay contest being held by Turkish creationist Harun Yahya (aka Adnan Oktar): WHY IS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION INVALID?

Comment #43, theparson:
There are some of us "creationists" who don't appreciate huckstering or subterfuge... or Charles' tone in the above quote.

Comment #48, Charles:
Hey, I'm serious! Here's your chance to win a fair amount of money just for writing something about a subject you believe in! Sheesh. Try to be nice and see what I get.

Comment #50, Walter L. Newton:
Okay, So. It's his blog. Right?

Comment #59, theparson:
Really? You are serious? No "snarkiness" intended? No underlying sarcasm? You're just trying to help?

Comment #78, Charles:
$63,191.14 sounds pretty serious to me. The offer's real as far as I can tell, although I'm not sure how all the international rules work.

So to sum it up, the host behaves likes an arse, puts a blatantly fake innocent act when called out on it, even complains about acting "nice" while geting his boot polished by the tongue of one of his minions, and won't even admit the obvious.

LGF, not a good place for maintaining your self-respect. Kudos to theparson though for standing up for himself.


Anonymous said...

He probably was trying to be nice, you know, winning back some of his creationist following.

He's probably lost quite a bit of his income from isolating so many of his fellow haters.

Anonymous said...

Who would believe evolution? The world will be laughing at itself in a few years and trying to understand how they came to believe such nonsense?

Natural selection is the evolutionists' only explanation to their claims. However, can they not see that natural selection has no ability to add new genetic information to the existing DNA setup. If this cannot happen, if the rabbit runs as fast as a leopard, it will always stay the same as a rabbit.

2+2=4 and the facts are apparent as bare as this.

Evolution did not happen.
Fossils are like photocopies of animal remains that show they have not changed.
Natural selection cannot evolve anything.
The irreducible complexity of organ systems leave no space for any kind of graduation. Let your hemoglobin be left out of your blood and wait for it to happen by chance, you are dead!!!

Creation is a fact!!!

Anonymous said...

"Creation is a fact!!!"

Yep, god created you in his image. He obviously did a rush job.

Have you ever noticed that most people who deny evolution look...well how should I say...pretty un-evolved?

There you have it! The best argument against evolution is the creationist lobby. No all powerful being would take credit for making them.

Anonymous said...

Charles is losing it. He needs to step away from the computer or something. I used to read his blog but it is not worth the effort since he has gone off on this creationist thing, believing he is superior and calling anyone who reads the Bible "evil". I finally said something and of course, I got banned for not licking his ass. If they really cared about Charles, they'd tell him the truth--that he's turning into a lunatic.
(Silly Mission Statement of the Day

Opinion | Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 9:09:55 am PST911 Charles 2/14/09 9:33:30 pm
reply quote

Yes, I said "evil" and I meant "evil." It's utterly wrong to teach creationism as science, and it's evil to indoctrinate children with this garbage; it hurts the children, and it hurts our country to lose those minds that might have bloomed into something incredible with the right knowledge.)Now I guess he means "CHARLES" sort of knowledge--look what belief in evolution has done to Charles.