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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Charles, Web Awards and Whining

(what left?!?!)
(hat-tip: LGF II) Oh, man is the web's competing narcissist (Baron is certainly in a dead heat, to name just one) whining about this one. Of course, being Charles Johnson, he deigns to remind us that we and others are in fact the whiners. Actually, he's not really talking much about us at all, but still:

Yes, you read that title right. He cannot stop people from 'whining' about being banned by him from his little echo chamber and therefore it's pickin' time. (For the record, I was never banned but emailed Charles to have my account removed in response to the banning at LGF of The Sphinx, also of this blog.)

People banned from LGF for supporting fascists and/or being hostile obsessive jerks whine endlessly about being “censored” (with no sense of irony whatsoever) as the Infidel Blogger Awards nominates me for “Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat.” Apparently, speaking out against Eurofascists, and not letting the LGF comments pages turn into a racist cesspool makes me as bad as or worse than the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Mohammed Elmasry, in their strange little world of “anti-jihad” make believe.

In Charles-speak, this means he's angry. Now back to regularly scheduled comments:

PISSED 11/18/08 8:34:53 am reply quote 19

Good morning Charles,
Last time I checked, this was YOUR blog... no one else.. you do what you want
if they don't like it start their own or read somewhere else. Easier choices as far as I can tell.

To ANGER a Conservative tell him a lie, To ANGER a liberal tell him the TRUTH.

Ooh! I hope that's the British version of "PISSED" and not just the whiny American one....

Charles 11/18/08 8:43:46 am reply quote 8

re: #22 Ayatollah Ghilmeini

As I have always said, Charles, it is your house and you have right to run it as you see fit.

I guess insolvable internet arguments are inevitable but absent racism, I am not sure I would ever bounce anyone. I am not sure I care if you patch up with Atlas but Spencer, who should now be chagrined at Vlaams true colors has been fighting the right fight. Sometimes a little tough love is better than breaking bridges.

Reaganite come home!

After the way Spencer has behaved (I really didn't expect him to be as malicious as he's been), and with the statements he's made recently, that's extremely unlikely.

Honorary Yooper 11/18/08 8:47:25 am reply quote 7

re: #19 mph

Spencer is the run away winner for the "Best Infidel Blogger"

There you go.

Which means that they havwe given fully into the ideology of the jihadists, that of fascism. These fools think that you can fight fascism with fascism. When one wins though, all one is left with is a variant of fascism, not the freedom we so richly desire. And by allying with these fascists, all they do is give the socialist enablers more ammunition to claim the anti-jihad is a racist endeavor.

Spencer, Dymphna, Bodissey, I'm looking directly at you. You fools. You think that allying with these fascists is the right thing to do? Don't you remember what these folks' ideological ancestors did in Europe? You fools.

Charles, keep on doing the right thing and oppose this craziness. Regardless of what they may think of your work, we lizardoids believe you are on the correct path. Thank you.

That may just be the quote of the YEAR. Way to go Yooper! Other than the "correct path" bit and all.

Killgore Trout 11/18/08 8:53:52 am reply quote 6

re: #48 WrathofG-d

According to the idiots at LGF2, I run Bartertown.

What, Killgore doesn't read this site?

113 Charles 11/18/08 9:01:11 am reply quote 18

Some of those people posting comments over there seem to think it's their way to speak directly to me, and let me know how much they still hate me. What a sad way to live, so totally hung up on one person's opinion of you.

And to sum up:
239 Iron Fist 11/18/08 9:23:31 am reply quote 2

re: #152 Dianna

Hooray for us! Everybody else can go fuck themselves.

The echo is deafening!


Anonymous said...

vote for Charles. He is the most pro-censorship. IMHO
What do you think of this

jeppo said...

Lex, looking through the comments at LGF, no-one, I mean NO-ONE actually defends Charles from the charge that he is in fact the Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat of 2008. They say that it's his blog and he can do what he wants, or that whiny losers banned from LGF are driving the poll results, or that the CHRC and Elmasry are more evil than even Charles. All these may be true, but not even one of his lickspittles denies that he is a major-league censor. How could they? That's what hundreds and hundreds of bannings will do for your reputation.

Not to toot my own horn, but when I found that poll Charles was at 13% and the CHRC was over 60%. I left the first anti-CJ comment at that site and immediately told you, LGF Watch, LGF 2, a couple other blogs and some other homies to go vote for him. Now there are close to 300 comments at that site, 90% of them anti-CJ, and he's in first place with 52% of the vote. When he wins (the poll goes for a couple more days) I think he should give meek little jeppo a hat-tip for my efforts. Whadya think? ;)

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, just a while ago they were a united front and now they fight amongst themselves. Maybe we should use this opportunity to trow some fuel into the fire. But that would lower us to their level, I don't know whether that would be morally justified. After all we a conscious and they don't.

Rodan said...

Thanks for the Hat tip! It's ironic that Killgore denies his influence there when he clearly does have a say over there.. He is Charles's Rasputin!

Henrik Ræder said...

To ANGER a Conservative tell him a lie, To ANGER a liberal tell him the TRUTH.

Figures. Charles was always a liberal at heart.

Fortunately, this is a process of healing more than of infighting. Various parties that used to side with Charles and LGF against us Europeans are now finding that Charles was wrong all along, that no huge, sinister 'Euro-fascist' movement is brewing, and that we can merrily keep standing up for the West, freedom and democracy, undeterred by Little Green Lizards.

Yes, Charles got my vote, too.

Anonymous said...

Henrik Ræder, the "Euro-fascist' movement" does exist. Neo-facist parties in europe have more in common with the Nazi party then with the libertarian party. They intimidate foreigners, fire bomb their houses and having memorial marches for death nazi officers (Hess). You are no freedom party, you are just ignorant hatemongers!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen LGF's recent Alexa ratings?

V said...

I wouldn't read too much into LGF's gently plummeting site rankings; interest in political blogs of all kinds has waned since the U.S. election. For example, DailyKos, like LGF, is back to mid-August levels of readership.

USpace said...

"Anti-Jihad make believe", that's where CJ's head is at. He's in total denial. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the nominees, good luck! Great choices there, please keep up the great work!

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