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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stating the obvious?

Today in our inbox we found the following email:

"Sorry to write anonymously but if I revealed my name I would be dead. I just wanted to tip you off that what you've written about LGF and other right-of-center blogs getting their marching orders from the Republican spin machine is true. I contribute to one of the bigger blogs out there and I'm sickened to see that my fellow contributors are willing to take their cue from some faceless party apparatchik instead of writing whatever the damn hell they please about whichever damn issue they please. Every day we get a memo with two or three talking points to write about and you can bet your bottom dollar that those issues will appear on blogs like ours and LGF. Even if our contributors have personal misgivings about negative campaigning and some of the more racist stuff coming out of the Republican camp, not posting something would mean having our loyalty questioned. So even though we know that half of the stuff we post about Obama is a lie, even though we know McCain won't win, and even though we've frankly got better things to do than rewrite (for free!) what the GOP wants us to, we do it anyway. Someone's going to blow the whistle on this after the election, but for now prepare for a nasty fight..."

Of course we have no idea if this email is genuine, especially as it came with a fake name. Still, interesting, especially in view of the concerted Palin/LGF effort to smear Obama with the terrorism stigma today.


Anonymous said...

Squeaky Johnson is Rove's bitch.

Pete said...

That would explain quite a few things. I've suspected that Johnson has been paid off to recite the talking points of the GOP - you only have to look at the timelines to see that. I wonder if he's comfortable about the situation or does he lie awake at night thinking about how things could have been if he'd stuck to being a mediocre web designer and part time musician.

Shilling for Palin? Even he must throw up in his mouth a little when he hits the post button.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha - sounds like an email from BHO's truth squad.

V said...

Interestingly, a Google search for BHO + "truth squad" returns 3,790 hits. So, anon @4:49, who paid you to write that? :)

Anonymous said...

Funny, and today he pastes the link right out of the GOP's email.

AgentX said...

No surprise there.
Reich-Wing bloggers have to be spoon fed topics rather than come up with original ideas.

I would like to see one of the those GOP memos, so e-mail the guy back and request some proof.

Lex said...

Hell, just listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for your outline, fill in the blanks and add some personality and you're already writing the main points of the GOP. One stop at NRO and you can polish it off and be your own Mark Steyn even!