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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LGF: Forget about McCain

His lizard minions may still believe that McCain will win this election, but Charles Johnson knows better. So instead of offering a fair discussion of the two candidates' positions that shows why McCain would make a better president, CJ spends all his time frantically digging up obscure links to left-wing radicals in the hope of discrediting Obama because it's about the only thing that could lose him the election.

Not a peep about McCain's policies, and certainly no discussion of Obama's! It's all about who met whom at a dinner party in 1981. Just why the American people should care about what Obama did 30 years ago(and more to the point, why they should trust a proven liar like Charles Johnson to deliver an accurate version of history) is slightly baffling, but CJ is probably deluded enough to believe he's doing a public service. What's so striking though is that he constantly shows himself up as a hypocrite: the press isn't doing it's job on Obama, says Charles, but what about it's failure to call Bush out on Iraq? Obama should be judged by what he did in his 20s, says Charles, but of course George W.'s youthful indiscretions were never an issue, were they?

It's the double standards on Charles Johnson's blog that mark him out as an untrustworthy, partisan chronicler of this election.

It's tempting to lean back and gloat as he spins ever faster in a last, wild attempt to throw as much dirt at Obama as possible before Tuesday, even though the election is probably a done deal. That word "probably" is the problem. LGF & Co are quite capable of whipping up enough of a bigot storm to turn the vote around yet, getting McCain & Palin into the White House and thereby shooting themselves and America in the foot more than they could ever know.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Obama and Ayers both lived in New York city in 1991! What could possibly be more damning than that?!

Anonymous said...

It's the double standards on Charles Johnson's blog that mark him out as an untrustworthy, partisan chronicler of this election.

A pot calling a kettle black! How droll!

Lex said...

I think he's just jumped on the bandwagon. This is the entire tactic across talk radio and the talking heads from his campaign (McCain's). They're grasping at anything at this point.

Anon 2, who ever claimed that we here aren't biased? It is a Watch site after all.

V said...

I don't see why Charles & Co. are so upset at the prospect of Obama winning. It will reinvigorate the right-wing blogosphere, the same way the Clinton Presidency did for Rush Limbaugh's career.

If I were a right-winger, I might be secretly rooting for an Obama victory, because whoever becomes the next President is going to have to deal with mammoth problems that may or may not be solvable within 2-3 years (i.e. before the 2012 campaign begins). The GOP and its Amen Corner are ideally positioned to wreck Obama's chances of doing anything positive to restore the economy, and as we all know, the right wing thinks it's a lot more fun to fling poo than to propose constructive solutions.

Banned and Blocked Watch said...

He's given up on trying to directly link Obama to the Weatherman, now he's just showing that the Weathermen were very bad bad people... 37 years ago.

The Sphinx said...

"The Republicans" in Germany are a political party that was until recently classified as an extreme right-wing/neo-nazi organization.

So if I may fire Chuckles' cannon of guilt by association over six degrees of separation back at him, I hereby declare Charles Johnson to be happily palling with neo-nazis.

InternetFred said...

For those skeptical about the candidates, looking at past and present associations is part of their duty. Statements that are part of the campaign are just too easy to fake.

McCain, unaccountably, is friends with G Gordon Liddy. You wouldn't criticize him for that?

In the case of Obama, he is friends with several Arab activist-academics and with no Israelis, so far as I can see.

This is relevant.

If Obama had brought medical care to Palestinians, or had spent time working on a Kibbutz, or had sponsored major Middle East legislation, or been a diplomat, that would be more relevant. But he hasn't done any of these things. So we look at friends, associates, colleagues and so on.

Obama is applying for the job of President and will not submit his college transcripts. We know how McCain did in school.

It turns out that Rashid Khalidi was a PLO spokesman, after all. He worked for WAFA, the PLO press agency. You're saying you didn't want to know this?

I Fred