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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charles Disputes Al Jazeera...For Finding People Like His Lizards!

Charles highlights a video from Al Jazeera English for finding people expressing the very same sentiments towards Obama as....his own commenters! What? Cherry-picking to promote an agenda on a news network? All they really need is a blog....Here's Chuck:

Now showing up on lefty blogs, the following Al Jazeera English report from a Sarah Palin rally in Ohio. Are you surprised that Al Jazeera managed to find racists and Christian extremists in the crowd?

Yet these people are doing nothing other than quoting various bits of paranoia and false propaganda that has been propagated by sites such as....LGF! Charles, thanks for helping create this monstrosity.

Nope, and we're not surprised when we find them at LGF, either. From "Spiny Norman":
Will an Obama Justice Department start "hate crimes" investigations against anyone who voted for McCain? Or just campaign volunteers?

Or from here:

re: #287 buzzsawmonkey
Yes overall they appreciate his Socialist behavior more than his blackness. As you correctly pointed out, if it really had anything to do with his being black they would have been singing Republican praises for years. They love Obama because he is going to hurt the United States and bow to the International community (ie: them). He is going to put International Acceptance over National Security, Negotiate with despots and dictators while refusing to negotiate across the aisle.

And help bring in the Caliphate.

Actually I have myriad "HE'S A MUSLIM" LGF quotes but I think we all remember those. Just a few extremists. Nothing to see here, move along....


Anonymous said...

Obama is planning on bringing in the Caliphate?

That's a new one...

The Sphinx said...

"How DARE you film people who could well be part of my readership?"

Lex said...

Pretty much. And damn them for doing what I do EVERY DAY ON MY BLOG!

Anonymous said...


Can somebody point out to Chuck that all Media picks and chooses who they quot..........OOOOPS!

Lex said...

I loved the "bring on the Caliphate" guy. LOVED him. Hahaha.
(I'm not being recognized by Blogger at the moment....Oh well)