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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lizard Outreach Efforts

Long time Lizard "Realwest", describes a conversation with a couple lucky enough to make his "acquaintance":

45 realwest
10/22/08 9:13:07 pm 6
Did something today that I SWORE I'd never do: engaged a moonbat couple in a "converstation". They were all for Obama (no one mentioned Biden). When I said that although Bush had disappointed me in some areas, I think he should get the credit for there being no further "9/11"'s on American Soil. They started by saying that it just proved that there is no real GWOT - that 9/11 was a "one-off". The conversation - I fully confess aided and abetted by me - went downhill very VERY rapidly from there.
I cooled off a little and ticked off all the reasons to not vote for Obama and to Vote for McCain. He said that he didn't know most of what I'd said about Obama, she said I was making it up. I responded by sneering at her and addressing him: "Don't you think you should learn about the candidate you intend to vote for BEFORE you vote for him?" and his and her reply were that they did know about Obama - my response was that they manifestly did not as he had said he didn't know these things and "so what" everyone can make a mistake in choosing a candidate and I replied - before storming off - FUCK YOU - YOU are making a voting decision that's going to FUCK UP MY LIFE and the lives of tens of millions of Americans you stupid POS.
I didn't win any friends, but I'm thinking that the male of the couple is thinking about what I said and may not vote for Obama.
And I'm just embarrassed as hell cause I lost my temper like that.


Anonymous said...

Realwest was the 'lizard' who lied about his dad dying on 9/11 so it comes as no surprise.

Lex said...

Wow, now there's a comment of the week! I bet the oooohs and ahhhhs from Sharmuta were astounding.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts, either Realwest just made it up. As anonymous points out, he fabricated a story about how his father died on 911, attempting to rescue people from the WTC.

OR, if the story is true, this was an octogenarian couple, so enfeebled that realwest was able to say "fuck you" at no risk of the punch in the nose so richly deserved.