Little Green Footballs

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Selective Good Wishes

Every time Google fails to change its logo in celebration of a holiday that Charles Johnson thinks is important, he throws a tantrum, accusing the search giant of having some hidden agenda in its well-wishing practice.

So it's interesting to see that Charles chose on Tuesday to wish his Jewish readers a Happy New Year, but not his Muslim readers a Happy Eid.

Do we detect a bias? And is anyone surprised?


The Sphinx said...

"And is anyone surprised?"

I would've been extremely surprised if he did..

Lex said...

Bias? Charles? Huh?

Craig said...

Surprised? Hardly. I wouldn't send good wishes to terrorist thugs either. You, on the other hand ...

The Sphinx said...

Sorry Craig, I forgot that all 1.4-ish billion Muslims were terrorist thugs.

Or wait, I'm mistaken again. Only the terrorist minority of Muslims celebrate Eid, riiight.