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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who CAIRs about a cartoon camel?

Q: Why is Charles suddenly discovering his anti-racist side and accusing film-maker Morgan Spurlock of stereotyping Muslims?

A: When Charles sees a storm brewing he likes to divert attention from the matter at hand (conveniently encapsulated in the title of Spurlock's movie: "Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?") by focusing on a spurious detail and blowing it totally out of proportion.

Fact: It requires quite a stretch of the imagination to see a picture of Spurlock in a dishdasha riding a camel as racist? Perhaps Charles is projecting here...


Anonymous said...

I get it. Chuckster is implying CAIR have endorsed the film because theyve made no public comments about him dressed as an Arab and riding a camel.
I guess CAIR must have been to busy this week plotting the overthrow of civilization from their underground lair at the north pole.

#99 daledog
CAIR is stupider for backing this. Allying with Spurlock - how desparate can they be? Morons supporting each other.

Plenty of criticism of the movie and claims of anti-Semitism on LGF, though (you guessed it!)- not a single Lizadroid poster admits to bothering to go and see it.

(Though more than one of them reference Debbie 'I'm so shrill my voice is ultrasonic' Schlussel's review of it and parrot her claims of anti-Semitism.)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this nerd? The cartoon is not disgusting, nicely drawn, so I don't understand why he thinks it has a problem that CAIR should complain about . These kind of drawings are also common in the Arab world. and here I'm only commenting about the cartoon he is comment on, he didn't mention anything about the movie. well he didn't mention much either as usual to leave the subject for his lizards.

Anonymous said...

The owner of zionist stormfront is suddenly worried about possible anti-Arab stereotyping? LOL. Chuckles is as transparent as a picture window.